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Ethiopians call foreigners faranji, which our local guide tells us means “French” in Amharic. In rural Southern Ethiopia, where cars are scarce and farmers walk their herds on the main roads, children run after the ten-year-old Toyota Land Cruisers carrying faranji and yell “Ayh-land-ah, Ayh-land-ah” or sometimes just “Ayh-land,” which is their name for the…

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Ethiopia Travelogue

Ethiopia is incredibly beautiful. We had no idea how beautiful it was, which made the country all the more appealing, because we felt as if we’d stumbled upon a secret. In the course of one or two days of driving, we passed through rolling green hills, mountain ranges, and dusty deserts.

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We’re Not in Brooklyn Anymore

Our arrival in Ethiopia, our first stop in our trip around the world, did not get off to an auspicious start. We’d stopped over for the night in Dubai, where we marveled in the airport at the talking hologram displays, the four story interior water feature, the banks of gleaming stainless automated sinks in the…

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