My Travels in South East Asia by Esme (as dictated to her father)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It has been a long time since I last posted and I wanted to catch you up on my travels. We left India just after Christmas. Our first stop was Thailand. We spent only one day in the capital Bangkok, which was very busy, and then we took an overnight train to Chiang Mai, which was calmer and more rural. One of the best things we did there was climb up a limestone waterfall called “The Sticky Falls.” We went there with another traveling family from the USA; I made a new friend named Maddie Church, a fifth grader, from Pennsylvania. Here we are climbing the falls and posing for the camera with our brothers


. IMG_5956

Here we are at the bottom of the falls. They felt like a refreshing shower.IMG_5986 Our next stop was Laos (AKA the Lao People’s Democratic Republic). It was one of my favorite countries on our whole trip. It has a beautiful landscape, an ancient culture and the people are so nice!   We spent a month there, and visited a lot of temples, especially in the amazing city of Luang Prabang. We also spent a lot of time outdoors in nature. We visited some beautiful waterfalls there too. This one is called Kuang Si waterfalls.  We hiked to the top.

IMG_2642 IMG_2630

We also did a very difficult hike near the village of Nom Khiew to a fantastic lookout point. IMG_6457 IMG_6439 2 From there we took a treacherous 8 hour bus ride to Vang Vieng, a town which is known for its nature. We met another traveling family, the Morgans, from New Zealand, and had lots of fun together. IMG_6607 We went kayaking on this river and I rode a zipline over it. IMG_6548 Later, we explored some enormous and fascinating caves. We spent almost an hour in this cave near a place called the Blue Lagoon.


I am doing some research on limestone caves—their history (they are millions of years old) and humans’ interaction with them. Now we are in Vietnam. I will post about this country in a couple of weeks. For now, I bid you farewell. Sincerely, Esme


  1. Hi Esme! That cave looked soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!! How fun was it to ride that awesome zip line? What was your favorite
    place you went so far? I LOVE zip lining over rivers, in fact at my camp they have a huge zip line over a lake.
    Since you keep going to these amazing places, keep posting to where you’ll go next.

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  2. Hello Esme. We really miss seeing you. I am looking forward your trip to visit. What I love about your updates is seeing all the time you get in to spend outside, doing all those hikes and boating. That’s cool. We love you. Big kisses to your mom, dad and your brother. Auntie Sheri

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    1. Esme,
      We miss you sooooooo much!!!
      Thank you for all the awesome posts. I am in Austria at the moment. I am skiing every day. My feet are all bruised 😢but it is really beautiful here, the mountains are amazing! I will email you some pictures. Guess what? My ski teacher gave me gummi bears yesterday because i did a great job. Now i have to go to have breakfast. Fürti!(good bye!) love, Luna

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  3. Esme, I am happy you put a new post, I was missing your posts. Here it is snowing, even in Atlanta, and when I see you and your friends in the waterfalls, I wish I were with you and like your friends, with my glasses on. I miss you and Roman. Many many kisses. Catherine


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