1. Esme….. I am amazed at how you have acquired such magical powers that you can shrink your mom and hold up such a big building with one hand or is it two fingers. Maybe its that feather in your hair that you got from the MV fair.
    love and hugs, Sandy


  2. Hi Esme, we are really enjoying all of your pictures and blog and vlog posts. You have gone places in just a few months that most people don’t go in a whole lifetime. I bet you and Roman (and maybe your folks) are going to come back changed people! Right now you may be missing home sometimes, but when you are home you will miss your most excellent adventure. So enjoy it–time will go by very quickly. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Big hugs, Carrie (Donovan’s mom)


  3. Dear Esme,
    So glad you made it to Agra! What a wonderful place and what an incredible monument of love. Isn’t it amazing what one person’s imagination can create!? I like how everyone takes their shoes off before they go in and it’s such a huge pile of shoes!
    Sending you lots of holiday love from the Vineyard, peace be with you and your family!


  4. Whoo hoo! That pic at the TM is priceless. You held up that building with one finger? Wow! Did dad ever tell you the story of our cousin Marlo, who was a hippie staying in India when dad and I were about your age? It’s a good story if you haven’t already heard it a million times. It involves a naughty monkey. Love to you mom, dad and romy. Love hugs and kisses from your Auntie Sheri


    1. Yes my dad has told us a million times but i still think it’s hilarious. Thanks for being a good correspondent Auntie Sheri. A lot better than me! xxE


  5. Hi Essie! I am so impressed with your beautiful insight and depth of knowledge of all these places you are visiting! I wish I could travel the world the way you and your family are. It seems like you are getting involved with the local communities and getting to know their lifestyle and culture, which is always a life changing experience for me. I hope your travels instill a love for people, culture, differences, similarities, and FOOD! 🙂

    I read all your updates and love seeing what you’re experiencing. And I really love your videos and hearing your voice. Happy holidays!

    xo, Hyeku (Ms. Song)


  6. Hi Esme,

    How is India? It looks fun from the pictures! I like your poem, especially the ending.
    I miss you!!!



  7. Hi Esme,
    I’m enjoying seeing your adventures. Here, it’s much the same, working on the boat and dancing with Sandy.
    I’ve traveled to India many times. I loved rural India the most. It reminded me of scenes from the bible.


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