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Money Talk

So how in the world do you pay for a trip around the world? That’s the big question and stumbling block for many people, especially people with kids. It’s not easy, but we met lots of traveling families, from single parents to families with four kids (all of whom are old enough to require their…

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Cape Town with Kids

TOP TEN ELEVEN THINGS TO DO WITH KIDS! 1. Drive to the Cape of Good Hope  via Chapman’s Peak.  Take the cable car to the top of the mountain and feel the wind that makes this Cape so treacherous to sailors.   Stop in one of the tidal pools along the way, which if you are…

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Ethiopia Travelogue

Ethiopia is incredibly beautiful. We had no idea how beautiful it was, which made the country all the more appealing, because we felt as if we’d stumbled upon a secret. In the course of one or two days of driving, we passed through rolling green hills, mountain ranges, and dusty deserts.

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I spent more hours than I care to admit researching what luggage to bring, and finally decided on two 65L wheeling backpacks (from Osprey) and a daypack for each of us (also from Osprey for no other reason that I’d run out of energy to look into other brands). We debated the backpack-versus-wheeling-bag question for…

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