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Ethiopians call foreigners faranji, which our local guide tells us means “French” in Amharic. In rural Southern Ethiopia, where cars are scarce and farmers walk their herds on the main roads, children run after the ten-year-old Toyota Land Cruisers carrying faranji and yell “Ayh-land-ah, Ayh-land-ah” or sometimes just “Ayh-land,” which is their name for the…

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Stuck With Each Other

Before we left the United States, I read many blogs of other traveling families who had taken similar trips, and they all described the incredible bonds developed on the road. “It was such a gift to spend so much time together!” “We returned feeling closer to each other than ever before.” And how the kids…

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Stranger in a Strange Land

We leave for our first stop, Ethiopia, in one week. Yikes! The UPS delivery man has been coming twice a day, delivering suitcases, backpacks, notebooks for the kids to journal, math workbook, travel organizing packs, travel size bottles for shampoo and soap, quick drying shirts and undies from Uniqlo, anti-malarial medication, bug spray, Advil, anti-diarrhea…

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