Ten months, two continents, and twelve countries. Ethiopia Uganda South Africa Namibia or Botswana (maybe) India Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Laos South Korea Japan

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Health and Safety

Vaccines Not surprisingly, opinions about the need for vaccines range among traveling families as much as they do among families back home in the United States.  Nearly everyone we’ve encountered gets the ones recommended by the CDC.  For the countries we are visiting that included all the usual suspects the kids already got at the…

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Stranger in a Strange Land

We leave for our first stop, Ethiopia, in one week. Yikes! The UPS delivery man has been coming twice a day, delivering suitcases, backpacks, notebooks for the kids to journal, math workbook, travel organizing packs, travel size bottles for shampoo and soap, quick drying shirts and undies from Uniqlo, anti-malarial medication, bug spray, Advil, anti-diarrhea…

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My husband Nico is a professor in the public university system in New York City, which means we’re rich by most standards in the world except for the one where we live. In our hometown of Brooklyn, his job and mine as a freelance writer make us rich in time and freedom, except that it…

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